“Members Showcase” Awards


 BEST IN SHOW  - #88, “Modern Intimacy”, Andrina Carey   

          The judge was intrigued by the narrative happening in this image; there are people looking back at the couple in the foreground, with a variety of expressions on their faces, and the guy in the foreground has a bit of attitude as well.  The judge wanted to know more about the story and what’s going on.  The fact that the focal point has been brought down into the lower right-hand corner makes for a strong composition, with effective differentiation in foreground, midground and background. A strong piece deserving of the top award.

FIRST PLACE – #54,   Seal It With a Kiss”, Josh Rosen 

          The judge selected this piece because of the intriguing narrative, the sense of insecurity with the buckled knees, the posture, the facial expression, and the crack in the heart. The artist truly captured the embodiment of a person really struggling to find love.

SECOND PLACE  - #72, “The Longing”, Marta Crawford 

          The judge stated that she was really drawn to this extremely well-done portrait; the sense of light and shadow, and the subtlety of the gradation in the face are quite beautiful.  The artist has skillfully employed lots of differentiation of texture in the hair, clothing and skin, and there is a sense of movement.

THIRD PLACE  - #137, “Longing for Spring”, Pam Coffman 

          The judge noted that this artist rose to the challenge of using mixed media to create an integrated and sophisticated work.  The artist has seamlessly combined images, media, and materials to create textural differences, and to create a strange, somewhat disturbing image that is oddly intriguing.   

DISTINCTION  - #48, “Breaking Free”, Robert Brooks 

          The judge noted that the artist fashioned a well-done and cohesive combination of found objects and mixed media, employing different types of wood and woodgrain; the beauty of the natural wood for the feathers of the bird makes a strong statement. 

DISTINCTION  - #68, “Meaning”, Babz Lupoli 

          The judge stated that this abstract piece grabbed her attention, and she found it intriguing.  There is a nice depth with a variety of mark-making, and she felt that she could zoom into its depth and travel back and forth among the marks.  The work engaged her from across the room, and continued to engage her as she came closer.

DISTINCTION - #154,  “Kid Carnival 1”, Weldon Ryan  

          The judge was impressed by the use of color,the expression on the face, and a great sense of beauty and lushness with the lips, the feathers, and the various textures.  The reflections in the sequins are beautifully done.  And yet there is some sadness and reservation in her face that contradicts what is going on around her, adding a sense of mystery.

DISTINCTION  - #151, “Blue Spring Manatee”, Robert Wince 

          The judge remarked that when a landscape really jumps out at her as being special, she likes to acknowledge that quality.  She noted the beautiful detail and sense of light,  and the luminous glow coming up from the sands and the water.  The judge felt that the piece has a bit of a Rousseau feeling about it.

ACHIEVEMENT  - #13, “Unsent”, N.C. Hagood

ACHIEVEMENT  - #61, “Photo Finish”, Charles Gillespie

ACHIEVEMENT   - #7, “Friends”, Gail Bokor – Sponsored by Jaye Escudero in memory of Stanley Dean Escudero

ACHIEVEMENT   - #41, “After the Storm”, Francine Levy – Sponsored by Stan and Suzanne Clark

RECOGNITION  - #32, “Mulberry Madonna”, Marianna Ross

RECOGNITION  - #80, “This Bird”, Colleen Quigley

RECOGNITION  - #148 , “Ephemeral”, Sylvia Camille

RECOGNITION  - #55 , “Them Bones, Them…”, Terri England – Sponsored by Pam Coffman

“SMALL WORKS”  - #140,  “Peaches”, Tom Silvey – Sponsored by Don Kennedy

“SMALL WORKS”  - #114, “Lake House”, Deb Zacharias

MERIT   - #127, “Cracker Daydream”, Susan Furrie

MERIT   - #103,  “Daybreak at the Reserve”, Leah Wiedemer

MERIT  - #147,  “Annmarie”, Kathleen Lusby

MERIT  - #123, “Dreaming”, Carson Kapp

HONORABLE MENTION   - #19, “Early Birds”, Ann Taylor

 HONORABLE MENTION   - #153, “Summer Bouquet”, Anne Ryan

 HONORABLE MENTION  - #33,  “Dreamtime”, Lillian Verkin

 HONORABLE MENTION  - #146, “The Kiss”, Katty Smith

JUDGE’S CHOICE  - #87, “Salvation”, Pat Ray

JUDGE’S CHOICE – #117,  “Reflections II”, Betty Morris Parker

JUDGE’S CHOICE – #134, “Butterfly Koi”, Pat Krueger

JUDGE’S CHOICE – #143,  “The Light Within”, Fay Samimi