“Get Real” Awards

BEST IN SHOW  - #146, ***Weldon Ryan, “Leh We Whine”    The judge stated that the artist is gifted at rendering the figure, and noted the skilled handling of all the details and textures in this bold, dynamic piece.  She especially appreciated the use of the strong diagonal in the composition.  A real attention-getter, and worthy of the top award.
FIRST PLACE  - #90, ***Sheryl Hughes, “I Can Still See You”   The judge noted the attention to detail and the inclusion of delicate touches such as the eyelashes and whiskers.  A strong example of contemporary realism.
SECOND PLACE  - #37, Marta Crawford, “Resiliance”   The judge described this piece as having a strong sense of history and memory.  The work made the judge want to know the rest of the story.
THIRD PLACE - #24, Doreen Hackett, “Jolly Spoons”  The judge commented that this watercolor showed skillful handling of the medium, in a dynamic and bold composition.  She especially appreciated the handling of the reflections.
DISTINCTION  - #46, ***Trish Beckham, “Beets”  The judge enjoyed the use of the split complementary color scheme and the depiction of texture.  She especially liked the use of the green in the leaves, and the sense of depth as the beets seem to come forward.
DISTINCTION  - #50, Andrina Carey, “Interlude”   The judge described this portrait as hauntingly beautiful, with skilled handling of the features and skin tones, especially in the eyes.  The painting invites the viewer to wonder about this woman’s story.
DISTINCTION   -  #145, Andrew Gamache, “Disoriented Monarch”   The judge noted the artist’s handling of his materials to create a piece with a strong presence and sense of volume.  She remarked that the piece is somewhat odd in a very appealing way, and also has a sense of humor.
DISTINCTION  - #70, Arnold Desmarais, “Island Visit”  The judge appreciated the quiet beauty in this piece, and the sensitive handling of the details.  The scene draws the viewer in and invites him or her to linger.
ACHIEVEMENT  - #11, Nicki Altes Merthe, “Cellar Music”
ACHIEVEMENT  - #20, Frances Carson, “Grail and Blue”
ACHIEVEMENT   - #124, Robert Wince, “A Stealthy Approach”
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ACHIEVEMENT   #112, Lynn Brenner-Katz, “Envy: The Leek is Always Greener on the Other Side”
 RECOGNITION  - #76,*** Tom Silvey, “The Street Market”
RECOGNITION  - #48, Candace Vlcek, “Plantation Oaks”
RECOGNITION  - #103, Kathleen Lusby, “Lawren and Rain”
RECOGNITION  - #138, Barbara Ortiz, “Three Generations”
“SMALL WORKS”  - #55, John Robak, “A Fine Merlot”
MERIT   - #139, Helen Curry Benet, “Wekiva Canoes”
MERIT  - #135,*** Anne Ryan, “Thin Skinned”
MERIT  - #80, *** Pat Krueger, “Frog”
MERIT  - #87, Joy Bowen, “Juice, Rind, and Zest”
HONORABLE MENTION   - #42, Chip Gillespie, “Gypsy Vanner Horses”
 HONORABLE MENTION   - #98, Lee Nesler, “Hoping for Sunshine”
 HONORABLE MENTION  - #127, Bob Grayson, “Watching the Beach Walkers”
 HONORABLE MENTION  - #92, Trish Eisen, “Twin Cypress on the Lachooche
 JUDGE’S CHOICE - #144, Barbara Perrotti, “Indian Rock Eagle Owl”
JUDGE’S CHOICE – #109, Beverly Ulrich, “Adrift”
JUDGE’S CHOICE - #12, Jon Miller, “Voices”
JUDGE’S CHOICE - #43, Linda Landry, “Let There Be Light”
Elizabeth Bryant