“Figuratively Speaking” Awards


 BEST IN SHOW  #45, Kathleen Chenet, “Saturday Spin”   The judge noted that she was continually drawn back to this work.  Repetitive elements and surface patterns keep the viewer’s eye engaged in this complex composition.  The piece successfully captures a scene from “a day in the life”. 

FIRST PLACE  #2, Fay Samimi, “Divine”  The judge noted the rich layers of graphic symbols and mixing up of textures in this work that explores meaning through gesture, stylization and attention to detail. 

SECOND PLACE  #90, Deborah Elmquist, “Sunday Sacrifice” The judge appreciated the artist’s creation of a luminous surface that incorporates surprising marks of saturated color. 

THIRD PLACE  #104, Sylvia Camille, “Rest for the Weary”   The judge remarked that the artist presents current social commentary in a classic reclining pose, and took a risk in presenting subject matter that might be outside the viewer’s daily environment.

 DISTINCTION  #43, Lynn Brenner-Katz, “Dawn of a New Age”  The angular anatomical definition of the piece balances the inventive use of found materials.  Said the judge, “This sculpture takes me on a journey to a far-away land.”

 DISTINCTION   #125, Grace Senior Morandi, “Collaborators”  The judge stated that she saw an “ merging of printmaking and painting techniques in this work, and a “collaboration” of abstraction and representational styles. 

DISTINCTION   #32,  Candace Vlcek,  “Studying Degas”  The judge appreciated the bold use of color and gestural marks that effectively construct the form. 

DISTINCTION  #19, Marianna H. Ross, “Sleep of Reason”  The judge said that the artist demonstrates restraint of figurative detail, yet the overall imagery is complex. 

DISTINCTION  #105, Robert Grayson,  “Paris in the Park”  The judge especially appreciated the artist’s mastery of colored pencil in this piece. 

SPECIAL AWARD FOR REALISM  - SPONSORED BY MARTA CRAWFORD  #44, Andrina Carey, “Resting”  The judge noted the beautiful luminous color in this piece, especially in the fully rendered light on the skin.   

ACHIEVEMENT  #52, Anne Ryan, “Solitude”

ACHIEVEMENT  #93, Regine Dossche, “Dancing for Joy”

ACHIEVEMENT   #107, Craig Monroe, “Against the Light”

ACHIEVEMENT   #16, Arnold Desmarais,   “The Babushka”

RECOGNITION  #88, Trish Beckham, “Jennifer”

RECOGNITION  #103, Betty Morris Parker, “Conductor”

RECOGNITION    #34, Patrick Flannery, “Euclid Working the Angles”

RECOGNITION  #79, Carson Kapp, “Tete a Tete”

“SMALL WORKS”Sponsored by Don Kennedy   #23, John Robak,  “Morning Garden”

MERIT  #78, Marta Crawford, “Anabel”

MERIT   #109,  Barbara Ortiz, “A Good Book”

MERIT   #84, Nicolas Gheur, “Guruji”

MERIT  #33, Jon Miller, “Bubbles”

MERIT  #70, Barbara Perrotti,  “The Three Amigos”

HONORABLE MENTION   #14, N.C. Hagood, “Directions”

HONORABLE MENTION   #3, Don Kennedy, “Up the Boatyard Ladder #2”

HONORABLE MENTION  #5, Kathy Kurke, “Norma Jean’s Textures”

HONORABLE MENTION  #10, Katty Smith, “Repose”

HONORABLE MENTION  #120, Kathy Bloem, “Summer Day” 

JUDGE’S CHOICE  #36, William Brown, “Snowing in New York”

JUDGE’S CHOICE  #20, Lillian Verkins, “Bridging the Gap”

JUDGE’S CHOICE  #74, Allen Lee Improta, “Sun Bather”

JUDGE’S CHOICE  #119, Weldon Ryan, “Cool Blue” 



Rose Thome Casterline