“Degrees of Abstraction” Awards


BEST IN SHOW – presented in memory of Marilynne Roland  #21 – Jules Silver   “Untitled”            The judge noted that the artist showed great skill in using his process to bring together materials that ARE the image.  The variety of colored lines create a visually interesting pattern, and the background adds depth.  The presentation is quite sophisticated and well-thought out, enhancing the work. An outstanding example of true abstraction.     

FIRST PLACE  #35 – Carolyn Land   “Stream Bed”            The judge remarked that the artist used a variety of materials to reference a landscape (but not too much!).  The work is rich with well-placed details, lines, and marks that work well in a horizontal format. 

SECOND PLACE   #69 – Peggy Banks   “Silk Ocean”            The judge felt that this artist successfully created a strong and aggressive work that also plays off the duality of rough/smooth and bold/delicate.  He appreciated the emergence of the delicate fabric from the textured, ragged edges of the openings. 

THIRD PLACE  #82 – Nancy Newlove McElroy   “Canyon Sunrise”            The judge stated that the artist used interesting abstract shapes, combined in such a way that invited the viewer to explore the piece.  He also noted the skill used in application of the paints and glazes, creating rich color. 

DISTINCTION   #38 – Keri Ippolito    “Red Mesa”            The judge appreciated that the artist used a vertical format for an abstracted landscape, and also noted the effective use of collage materials, as well as gradation of color and a complexity of surface. 

DISTINCTION  #36 – Richlin Burnett-Ryan   “Strong Not Angry”            The judge felt that the freshness of this work, in subject matter, bold color, and use of pattern, made it stand out in the exhibit and deserve recognition. 

DISTINCTION   #45 – Jaye Escudero   “Garden Beginnings”            The judge enjoyed the ephemeral quality of this piece, and the subtle color effect enhanced by the artist’s choice of paper.  He also noted the very professional presentation of the work. 

DISTINCTION  #4 – Carson Kapp   “Gallant”            The judge noted the lively color, pattern, and marks in this vibrant work, as well as the well-integrated collage materials.  He felt the work evoked a sense of the artist’s personality. 

ACHIEVEMENT  #8 – Doreen Hackett   “Three Vases”

ACHIEVEMENT  #2 – Nancy Hagood    “Summer Puddle”

ACHIEVEMENT  #16 – Joanie Kaufman    “Solitary Rose”

ACHIEVEMENT   #23 – Janet Bernardini   “Abstract in Blue”

RECOGNITION  #57 – Kris Boysen   “Freedom”

RECOGNITION  #19 – Jim Hoolsema   “Shards”

RECOGNITION    #14 – Gail Bokor   “Anticipation”

RECOGNITION  #84 – Andrew Gamache   “Madona”

“SMALL WORKS”  #51 – Kathy O’Meara   “Octopus Garden”

MERIT  #68 – Carol Orr   “Untitled”

MERIT   #17 – Ev Niewoehmer   “Evolution (Piano)”

MERIT   #55 – Katty Smith   “Beyond the Yellow Brick Road”

MERIT  #30 – Lyn Strong   “Primordial”

HONORABLE MENTION   #85 – Barbara Perrotti    “Stool Still”

 HONORABLE MENTION  #48 – Bonnie Garson   “Circle”

 HONORABLE MENTION #58 – Jan Reeder   “Mary Kate”

 HONORABLE MENTION #62 – Bab Lupoli   “Coffee Break”

HONORABLE MENTION #39 – Ricki Stofsky   “Impact”