“Figuratively Speaking” Juror’s Statement

It was truly an honor to jury this year’s “Figuratively Speaking” show for The Art League of Daytona Beach. The range of work was impressive, and the attention to the figurative genre outstanding. As a juror, I typically look at two or three major factors when contemplating my decisions. First and foremost I look at compositional arrangements across the picture plane. Does the piece have an interesting juxtaposition of positive and negative space and does the space “work?” Secondly, I focus on anatomy and the obvious relationships of figurative forms. When color is incorporated, again I look for relationships of color that help to push the space and create depth in the picture plane.

I was happy to see such a wide range of styles and methods in this show. Everything from fabrics, to collage, to mixed media elements made for a wonderful blend. There was also a nice assortment of traditional and contemporary approaches to the figure, which I found exciting. Classical oil paintings, abstract works, and graphic styles all combined for a well-balanced exhibit. Photography stood out for mood and the play of light and dark, and the sculptural pieces also showed an adept hand when it came to representing the figure in three dimensions. I was also happy to see several pieces drawn directly from life, specifically a couple of watercolor/ink wash drawings that were quite successful. Artists should not be hesitant to exhibit their life or “process” drawings, as these are often very exciting representations in their own right.

Finally let me say that this show certainly lived up to the title “A Celebration of the Diversity and Spirit of The Human Form.” It was inspiring to see work from such a wide variety of seasoned and accomplished artists. Artistic vitality, from both the Daytona Beach community and from across Florida are very important factors in keeping our State’s art scene alive and cutting edge. When that exuberance is combined with a venue like the Art League of Daytona Beach, where figurative work is appreciated and displayed, everyone is a winner. Those qualities were very apparent in the submissions for this show, and because there was so much great work to choose from, my job as a juror was not easy. I congratulate all of the winners and encourage everyone to enter again next year. Thank you. – Ed Hall

“Figuratively Speaking” Awards and Comments

ART LEAGUE OF DAYTONA BEACH – “Figuratively Speaking 2017” 


BEST IN SHOW  #10, “Rachael”, Andrina Carey

            “Compositionally, very successful; another thing I look for is whether the anatomy is correct; balance across the figure and the relationships of parts of the body are evident in this work.  The artist made outstanding color choices, the skin tones push against the background color.  Powerful light enhances the play of positive and negative shapes.” 

FIRST PLACE  #68, “Tu es Belle”, Katty Smith

            “There were a number of things I liked about this piece; the ethnic quality and the power of the figure are evident in the symbolism and the marks on the figure;  the pose gives the viewer a strong sense of anatomical structure.”  

SECOND PLACE   #42, “Liuva, Lily of the Nile”, Barbara Perrotti

            “In terms of anatomical theory, this piece is pleasing to the eye; even though some of the proportions seem to be exaggerated a bit, the artist has the ability to do that.  You can tell that the artist has studied the figure extensively, and knows how to take liberties.  Once again, a nice balance of positive and negative space with three distinct sizes: large, medium, and small.” 

THIRD PLACE  #28, “Grace”, Lisa Argentieri

            “Obviously the artist has some experience drawing straight from the figure.  Watercolor with the figure is one of the most difficult things to control, and there seems to be a nice sense of control in this work.  Good use of positive and negative space, with large, medium, and small negative spaces, and a full range of values.  The lost edges are especially effective”. 

DISTINCTION   #80, “Flagler Trio”, Weldon Ryan

            “This piece feels representative of the area, as if the artist lives here.  I love the fleshiness of the figures and the good color choices; the reflections in the water pick up the skin tones very nicely.  The composition is nicely balanced .   

  DISTINCTION  #56, “The Model”, Lyn Strong

            “I believe that there is torn paper in this piece, something I use in my own work; the collection of collage techniques, brushstroke, and a nice open line really attracted my eye.  The artist has taken liberties with the anatomy, but I can still see that the proportions are correct.” 

DISTINCTION   #51,  “Neck Down”, Carson Kapp

            “I like the balance of the composition and the subtle color choices, especially in the balance of the complements of blue and orange, and yellow and purple.  The piece is abstracted but at the same time figurative.  The open lines on the interior of the figure are not necessarily descriptive of musculature, but could be.” 

DISTINCTION  #11, “Chilling Out”, Larry Parker – Sponsored by Marta Crawford

            “When I look at figurative work, the very first thing I look at is composition, and in this photograph I saw a nice balance of positive and negative space.  Not only does it enhance the mood of the picture, but it also moves your eye around the picture plane.” 

ACHIEVEMENT  #81, “Nina”, Richlin Ryan

ACHIEVEMENT  #78, “What Lies Ahead My Love”, Lola Lawrence

ACHIEVEMENT  #75, “Family Ties”, Betty Morris Parker

ACHIEVEMENT   #12, “Can’t See The Figures for the Trees”, Ronda Richley

RECOGNITION  #67, “Redheaded Enchantress”, Peg Williams

RECOGNITION  #47, “A John”, Nancy Hagood

RECOGNITION    #31, “Julia”, Robert Shirk

IMPRESSIONISM  #24, “Sunrise”, Marianna Ross, - Sponsored by Barbara Perkinsin memory of Paul Thompson

“SMALL WORKS”  #73, “Me and My Shadow”, Jeanne C. Wolf, – Sponsored by Don Kennedy 

MERIT  # 82,  “Country Singer”, Beau Wild

MERIT   #74, “Lillian”, Kathleen Lusby

MERIT   #66, “A New Dawn”, Linda S. Hoffmeister

MERIT  #65, “We are Stardust”,  Sue Reynolds 

HONORABLE MENTION   #69, “Freud With Cigar”, Andrew Gamache

 HONORABLE MENTION  #25, “Granny, Phnan Penh”, Kay Botet

 HONORABLE MENTION #17, “Into the Light”, Carol Orr

 HONORABLE MENTION #37, “The Chorus”, Jan Reeder