Members’ Show 2018 Awards

ART LEAGUE OF DAYTONA BEACH – “Members Show 2018” 

BEST IN SHOW  #91 – Trish Beckham   “The Lion King at the Minskoff Theatre” The judge noted the combination of excellent technique, with a variety of mark and detail created with the palette knife, and the emotional appeal of this painting.  She observed that a painting can be viewed from 20 feet, 5 feet, and 5 inches, and that this work is successful at every distance. 

FIRST PLACE  #62 – Marta Crawford   “My Ya Ya”

The judge appreciated the wide variety of textures in this piece.  The attention to detail and multiple focal points in the figure create interest, and the background elements support the portrait , adding to the narrative. 

SECOND PLACE   # 11 – Fay Samimi   “Forever After”

The judge remarked that the artist made thoughtful choices in the materials used in this piece, and created a variety of surfaces and patinas.  The figures themselves have a sense of mystery, and the viewer wants to know more of the story. 

THIRD PLACE  #104 – Kathy O’Meara   “Istanbul”  

The judge appreciated the puzzle-like quality of this piece, which invites the viewer to discover the meaning.  Also noted were the integration and distressed quality of the elements, and the thoughtful use of the reductive process. 

DISTINCTION   #126 – Weldon Ryan   “Entwined”

The judge said that this piece demanded her attention.  She appreciated the reference to Mardi Gras, CosPlay, and Fantasy, combined with the more everyday elements of the coffee mugs.  She felt that there was more to the story and wondered what the subjects did on other days. 

DISTINCTION  #81 – Gertrude Havu   “…and my boat so small”

The judge noted the raw energy and bold approach in this work, and enjoyed discovering the forms and shapes revealed by the artist’s process.  The artist took a risk with this work, and created a piece that stands up to multiple readings. 

DISTINCTION   #19 – Robert Shirk    “Paradise Tami”

The judge appreciated the intriguing layers in this work, and the play of light that creates shadows and depth within the form.  The artist uses meticulous technique but also employs freedom in the flow of shapes and colors.  The work is beautifully presented. 

DISTINCTION  #55 – Nancy Newlove McElroy   “Agate Mountain”

The judge appreciated the balance of colors, of opaque and iridescent areas, and thick and thin elements in this nontraditional approach to sculpture.  The well-resolved design works from every angle. 

ACHIEVEMENT  #124 – Jeanne Figurelli    “A Cartier Christmas”

ACHIEVEMENT  #97 – Larry Parker   Mountain Tree”

ACHIEVEMENT  #121 – Peggy Epton   “Dear Sir”

ACHIEVEMENT   #84 – Peg Williams  “Walking a Tightrope”

RECOGNITION  #68 – Sharon LaDue   “A Balancing Act”

RECOGNITION  #120 – Betty Morris Parker   “First Freeze”

RECOGNITION    #41 – Robert Brooks   “…and time shall be no more.”

RECOGNITION  #14 – Doreen Hackett   “Volusia Marsh

MERIT  # 95 – P.Z. Thompson   “Demons”

MERIT   #117 – Karen Ann Patton   “Joy”

MERIT   #7 – Carson Kapp   “Witchy Woman”

MERIT  #76 – Kathleen Lusby   “Before the Crowds

HONORABLE MENTION   ##60 – Alice Gipson   “She Abstracted”

 HONORABLE MENTION  #23 – Jean Banas   “Moving Through Space”

 HONORABLE MENTION #13 – Jaye Escudero   “Leaves of Grass”

 HONORABLE MENTION #36 – Gail Bokor   “Under Water Fantasy”

HONORABLE MENTION  #6 – Mindy Colton   “Unbridled Seas”

JUDGE’S CHOICE  #48 – Valeh Levy    Floral Still Life Abstracted”

            Award sponsored by the Palette and Brush Club in memory of deceased members.

JUDGE’S CHOICE  #87 – Lola Lawrence   “Woman Rancher”

JUDGE’S CHOICE  #17 – Ev Niewoehner   “Portamesagne, Brindisi”

JUDGE’S CHOICE  # 102 – Maureen McLeod   “The Approach”

JUDGE’S CHOICE – #78 – Tom Silvey “A Village Church” 

EXHIBITION JUDGE:  Rose Thome Casterline