“All Creatures Large and Small” Awards

ART LEAGUE OF DAYTONA BEACH – “All Creatures Large and Small” 

BEST IN SHOW  #80   Katty Smith     “The Human Plight”  The judge felt that this piece speaks strongly to the theme of the show.  The artist clearly had the ability to meet the difficult technical challenges of constructing the work. The viewer can enjoy the concept of the piece from every vantage point.  A high level of accomplishment deserving of the top award. 

FIRST PLACE   #52  Beverley Ulrich     “The Conversation”  The judge stated that the artist made excellent compositional choices in this well-balanced and graphically bold painting, such as extending the feathers beyond the edge of the picture plane.  The birds have a definite personality, which takes the work to an even higher level. 

SECOND PLACE    #26   Robert Shirk     “Portrait of Sparkle”   The judge noted that she enjoyed seeing how this artist pushed the medium and incorporated the layered effect.  This well-presented and bold piece works graphically from both a distance and close up, and the colors tie it all together.  

THIRD PLACE    #49   Diana Meir Patterson      “A Mother’s Love”  The judge remarked that the sentiment of the piece is conveyed through a minimum of marks, a technique that references Chinese brush painting.  With fewer elements in a painting, everything has to work, and the artist has successfully made every brushstroke count in this beautifully presented work. 

DISTINCTION     #43   George Stuart      “Bee”   The judge appreciated  the realism with a touch of surrealism in this well-presented work.  The bee is a compelling focal point, and the intricate detail attracts the viewer’s attention.  The artist makes us appreciate the image but also invites us to consider how the image was made, which speaks to a high level of merit. 

DISTINCTION     #9   Eliza Pineau Casler      “Inseparable”  The judge noted that the artist took a risk in the cropping of the image, resulting in a unique and gently humorous viewpoint.  The artist shows excellent draftsmanship in this nicely presented work that showcases our relationships with the animals in our lives. 

DISTINCTION     #61    Cindy Lynn Wiggins    “Let it Bee” The judge stated that the artist put a great deal of thought into the complex and well-edited layers of the piece.  The viewer can stand close up or farther back and continue to discover new elements.  The artist effectively combined technique with a message, took a risk with an intricate design, and pulled it off. 

DISTINCTION     #10    Nancy McElroy     “Grateful for our Softer Side”  The judge enjoyed this whimsical piece that works from every angle. The juxtaposition of the clay firing cones creates a “double play”; she noted that the cones melt under extreme heat and stress, and that when we are stressed out and in a bad way, what do we want most?  A hug. 

ACHIEVEMENT    #41    Marta Crawford       “My Happily Ever After”

ACHIEVEMENT   #90   Kathleen Lusby       “Maggie” 

ACHIEVEMENT   #89   Lynn Brenner-Katz     “Pounce”   

ACHIEVEMENT    #110  Dominique Dubois  “Cicada” 

RECOGNITION    #108    Lee Nesler       “Great White” 

RECOGNITION    #93     Maureen McLeod     “Woodland Beauties” 

RECOGNITION  #20   Doreen Hackett      “Impostors!”  

RECOGNITION   #70   Rosemary Burns    “Pickin’”

MERIT   #24    Clare Radigan    “Gemini Springs:  Insomnia”

 MERIT   #72  Betty Parker    “Perseverance”

MERIT   #67  Sylvia Camille      “Ferocious Hunter”

MERIT   #19   Sharon LaDue      “Vintage Ravens”

HONORABLE MENTION  #33   Suzanne McGregor    “Kira’s Minions”

 HONORABLE MENTION #14   Lisa Argentieri     “The Staredown”

 HONORABLE MENTION  #96   Richard Hausen   “The Bull Stops Here”

 HONORABLE MENTION  #38  David Scott Meier   “Everyone’s Going”

Judge:  Leigh Murphy, www.artbyleighmurphy.com