Awards and Judge’s Comments – “Figuratively Speaking”

ART LEAGUE OF DAYTONA BEACH  - “Figuratively Speaking 2019”

Exhibition Judge – Jason John

BEST IN SHOW  #102 Katty Smith   “The Pioneer Spirit”                                                  The judge stated that one’s appreciation of sculpture is activated by time it takes to walk around and explore it, and that this piece engages the viewer from all angles.  The text elements add to the piece and leave room for interpretation, almost like journal entries.  The judge remarked that the work is an excellent combination of concept and craftsmanship, and that its presence in the exhibit draws the viewer to it immediately, making it worthy of the Best in Show award. 

FIRST PLACE  #72 Betty Morris Parker    “Goodbye”                                                           The judge noted the artist’s sensitivity in both the subject matter and the handling of the materials, with a contrast between soft and distressed areas.  The treatment of the surface, especially in the hair, holds the viewer’s interest.  The fact that the figure is facing away from us adds mystery to the piece.  The judge remarked that he would have liked to talk with the artist regarding the concept and the process. 

SECOND PLACE    #46 Marianna H. Ross    “Icarus”                                                              The judge stated that this piece initially appears to be nonobjective, but then starts to reveal the various body parts, showing the artist’s skill at controlling what the viewer sees.  The judge also appreciated the artist’s effective use of the intense, iridescent colors, and the progression from cool to warm, with the warm colors providing visual weight at the lower right corner. 

THIRD PLACE    #86  George M. Stuart    “After the Bath”                                                           The judge appreciated that the artist presented the figure in a brave and bold manner.  The stark black background provides an effective background, resulting in sharp value contrast.  The judge felt that the piece evokes a feeling of Northern Renaissance art, in the manner of Albrecht Durer.  The work continues to call the viewer back for another look.

DISTINCTION   #43  P.Z. Thompson    “Secrets Unfolding”  The judge described this piece as a fine example contemporary work.  The figure emerges from the mass of color, enhanced by sensitive line work.  The presentation of the work adds to its presence. 

DISTINCTION   #17  Fay Samimi   “Goddess of the Sea, Stained”                            The judge said that he found this piece to be somewhat primitive, with a beautiful presence.  The piece is enhanced by the size, and the artist has used color, details, and surface quality effectively.  

DISTINCTION   #92  Gwen Hughes    “Varansi Bather”                                                The judge appreciated the artist’ skill in orchestrating what might appear, on first glance, to be street photography into a fully realized composition.  The judge noted that the figure and architectural elements add a neoclassical feeling to the piece. 

DISTINCTION   #23  Bonnie Shapiro    “Meadowlands”                                               The judge noted the painterly quality of this piece, and that the softness and pastel colors contrast effectively with the charcoal.  The artist has thoughtfully selected a surface that adds to the effects of the materials and creates a sense of mystery. 

ACHIEVEMENT    #21 Christopher Casler   “Afternoon” 

ACHIEVEMENT   #10  Robert Shirk    “Palm Beach Flower” 

ACHIEVEMENT    #77  Clare Radigan   “Diseverything” 

ACHIEVEMENT    #100  Jack Hill   “The Unmasking” 

RECOGNITION     #9  Carolyn Land   “Nana” 

RECOGNITION    #63  Babz Lupoli    “Moulin Rouge” 

RECOGNITION    #12  Nancy Newlove McElroy  “Things We Carry”  

RECOGNITION    #57  Kay Botet   “Carving Gansha”

MERIT   #94  Marilyn Leverton    “Despair”

 MERIT   #36  Barbara Perkins   “Ha Na (Beautiful Calm)”

MERIT    #52  Catherine Ward   “Michelle”

MERIT    #27  Barbara Perrotti    “Marvin Blues and Gray” 

HONORABLE MENTION   #67  Craig Monroe   “Katie”

 HONORABLE MENTION  #61  Marsha Tidy   “Pension 1 – Pensioen 4”

 HONORABLE MENTION  #59  Pam Coffman   “Klimt Hot and Cold”

 HONORABLE MENTION   #8 Jaye Escudero   “Through the Woods”

HONORABLE MENTION  #103  Weldon Ryan   “Bells and Whistle” 

JUDGE’S CHOICE  #2  Carson Kapp   “Rihannon”

JUDGE’S CHOICE  #106  Rafael Torres    “Dreams of Flight”









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