Beaux Arts 56 – Awards and Judge’s Comments

BEAUX ARTS 56 – Judge Daniel Askew 

BEST IN SHOW  #34 – Jean Banas, “Road of No Return”  The judge appreciated the expressiveness of the work, and felt that the artist successfully used a “trial and error” approach to bring this wild and loose piece to an awesome resolution.   

FIRST PLACE  #11 – Lee Nesler, “The Lost World”  The judge stated that the artist used excellent technique to create a strong narrative and sense of mystery that invites the viewer to linger.   

SECOND PLACE   #43 – Amelie Rogers, “A Storm in the Valley”  The judge described this piece as a masterfully done naturalistic scene with great depth and atmosphere.  

THIRD PLACE  #1 – Robin Moore, “Spectral Messengers”  The judge noted the depth and the skillful handling of the paint, as well as contrast between control and looseness.  Experimentation is obvious.  

ACHIEVEMENT  #20 – P.Z. Thompson, “Uno No Dos”  The judge remarked that the monumentality and gesture of the figure show the artist’s knowledge of anatomy in this powerfully expressive piece.

ACHIEVEMENT  #16 – N.C.Hagood,  “Bayside”  The judge appreciated the depth and layers, with lots of areas to explore, and allusions to elusive images to discover and enjoy.

MERIT  # 46 – Katty Smith, “The House That Built Me”  The judge noted the raw expressiveness of the figure, as well as the strong narrative of the entire piece. 

MERIT   #53 – Gail Bokor,  “Re-Launch”  The judge found exciting contrasts in this work, with broad areas against refined notes, and controlled areas opposing loose applications of media.  

HONORABLE MENTION   #52 – Fay Samimi, “Forever After”  The judge was impressed by the combination of ceramic with collage and mixed media, and the mysterious and almost mythological quality of the twin figures. 

 HONORABLE MENTION  #33 – Kathy O’Meara, “Portal to the Past”  The judge enjoyed the artist’s experimentation and considerable skill in bringing together many different mixed media elements in this solid composition. 

JUDGE’S CHOICE #36 – Betty Morris Parker, “Sky Dancer”  The judge found this work to be intimate and not relying on established technique; he also noted the suggestion of image and the surface quality. 

JUDGE’S CHOICE #14 – Carson Kapp, “Warm Ways”  The judge described this work as a bold statement and the loudest thing in the room (in a good way!).  He also enjoyed the contrast of the areas of detail. 

JUDGE’S CHOICE #31 – Beau Wild, “Moving Beyond the Present”  The judge appreciated the effective use of space and the immediacy of the linework, which suggested to him ancient calligraphy.

JUDGE’S CHOICE #41 – Christine Peloquin, “Show a Change”  The judge noted the textural quality of the grid, the use of painting and drawing as a second layer, and the mystery of the story.



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