Building Redo and Renew

In November of 2014, the joint board of the Trustees and Executive Committee voted to allocate funds to the repair and renovation of the exterior walls of our building, and the repair and resurfacing of the south main gallery wall.  Settling over the years had resulted in cracks in the exterior brick, allowing for moisture to cause on-going problems with the plaster on the south main gallery wall.

As stewards of the Art League, we are committed to ensuring that the organization remains an important part of the community well into the future.  Our building, constructed in the late 1940′s, was very much in need of attention.  We are so thankful to the estate of late member Fulvia Russo for a bequest that has made the renovation possible.

We will continue to add to a slideshow of the progress and updates on the work.  We will also serialize a history of the Art League of Daytona, recognizing the incredible imagination and contributions of those who made it all possible.

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