“Black and White” awards and judge’s comments

ART LEAGUE OF DAYTONA BEACH – “Black, White, and Shades of Grey – with a Splash of Color 2018” 

BEST IN SHOW  #114 – Fay Samimi – “Zebra Cat”  The judge noted that in this piece, the artist used the theme criteria not as a limitation, but as a means of resolution.  The work is whimsical but also iconic and sophisticated, referencing primitive cultures but also contemporary art, and the artist displays complete knowledge of her technique. 

FIRST PLACE  #25 – Lillian Verkins – “Big Bang Theory in B&W”  The judge observed that this work reads beautifully from both a distance and close up.  The thoughtful use of brushstrokes evokes a feeling of movement, water, wind and atmosphere.  The light emanates from the focal area and draws the viewer in. 

SECOND PLACE   #113 – Peter A. Cerreta – “Amistia Subito (Amnesty Now)”  The judge stated that this piece stands out in the exhibit by being confrontational (in a good way), moody, and thought-provoking.  The artist made sophisticated decisions regarding the modulations of lights and darks, and in the framing of the figure, to create a strong work that commands attention. 

THIRD PLACE  #5 – Sebastian Dureaux Russell – “Oceanshore Blvd.”  The judge remarked that the artist took what could have been an ordinary image, and through point of view, contrast of lights and darks, and selection of time of day, transformed the scene into something intriguing and mysterious.  The judge further said that this type of transformation required the eye of a skilled artist. 

DISTINCTION   #20 – Marianna Ross – “Pensive”  The judge noted that in this work, the artist displays a high level of skill in the rendering of the figure and also in the use of overlapping washes that describe the shapes economically and completely. 

DISTINCTION  #121 – Anthony Ehrlich – “Channeling M.C. Escher”  The judge recognized the reference to “tessellation” – the use of repeated interlocking shapes – in the shapes of the petals and the spaces inbetween.  The judge also noted the depth of field and detail in most of the work, with a few softer areas in the background providing contrast. 

DISTINCTION   #133 – Tom Silvey – “Bridge”  The judge appreciated the strong design of abstract shapes with an architectural reference.  The judge also enjoyed the small shape with jagged edges in the bottom center of the piece, that provides an effective counterpoint to all the angles and geometry. 

DISTINCTION  #129 – Katty Smith – “Cuervo Mujer”  The judge stated that he was drawn to the strength and presence of this piece right away.  He felt that the work references a primitive culture such as the Mayans or Aztecs, but is contemporary at the same time.  The artist effectively used subtle surface coloration and a bold approach to the embellishments. 

ACHIEVEMENT  #7 – LC and Tommy Tobey – “Le Femme”

ACHIEVEMENT  #6 – Marta Crawford – “At First Glance”

ACHIEVEMENT  #16 -  Gretchen Nass – “Blackscape”

ACHIEVEMENT   #79 – Doren Hackett – “Nevermore”

RECOGNITION  #50 – Joanie Kaufman – “Prisoner Firenze”

RECOGNITION  #77 – Fran Davidson – “It’s Complicated”

RECOGNITION   #93 – Peg Williams – “Black Magic”

RECOGNITION #119 – Daniel Stone – “Dusk at Daytona Beach

MERIT  #70 – Lee Nesler – “Ebony”

MERIT   #85 – Carrie Perman – “I’m Afrayed”

MERIT   #68 – Ricki Stofsky – “A House is Not a Home”

MERIT  #55 – Trish Beckham – “Walgreens”

HONORABLE MENTION   #147 – Rosemary Burns – “The Queen of Sheba”

 HONORABLE MENTION  #144 – Valeh Levy – “Scooter in the Shade”

 HONORABLE MENTION #75 – Jules Silver – “Homage to Jackson Pollock”

 HONORABLE MENTION #43 – James Hoolsema – “Night Flight”

JUDGE’S CHOICE #53 – Joy Bowen – “Shorty”

JUDGE’S CHOICE #66 – Tony Procanik – “The Stare”

JUDGE’S CHOICE #28 – Pamela Bleakney – “Pamela’s Tea Party”

JUDGE’S CHOICE #130 – Nancy McElroy – “Splunking”

JUDGE’S CHOICE #100 – Kathy O’Meara – “Forbidden Love”

JUDGE’S CHOICE #52 – P.Z. Thompson – “Storm Warning”