Members Exhibit 2017 Awards


BEST IN SHOW  #109, Katty Smith – “The House That Made Me”

            The judge noted that this sculpture possesses a strong energy.  He also appreciated that there was a wonderful story to be told behind it, and that the well-chosen colors work beautifully with the piece.

FIRST PLACE  #5, Lillian Verkins  - “Love Potion Going Down”

             The judge stated that this work had energy and a great deal of color with a lot of contrast, giving the work great depth.  The balance of color flows nicely and entertains the eye.

SECOND PLACE   #59, Barbara Perrotti – “Girl in the Garden”

            The judge remarked that he felt he could walk right into this comfortable scene, and could see the painting hanging in his house.  He appreciated that the artist downplayed the image of the figure while playing up the rest of the painting.  The negative spaces are beautifully handled.

THIRD PLACE  #73, Marta Crawford – “Affliction”

            The judge noted that the high skill level and talent of this artist come together, along with a great deal of work and attention to detail, in this sensitive portrait. Sponsored by Joan Jacobsen in Memory of Elizabeth Jacobsen

DISTINCTION   #1, Keri Ippolito – “Rough Water”

            The judge was drawn to the layering of colors as they go off into the distance.  Great dimension and strong color lead the viewer to the horizon line, and the overall look is fresh and clean.

DISTINCTION  #104, Lee Nesler – “Port Clyde”

            The judge stated that the artist has devoted a great deal of time and skill in creating an image to which we can all relate.  The piece has strong contrast, a wonderful feeling, and a lot of interesting detail.

DISTINCTION   #91, Carol Thornton – “Remnant”

            The judge appreciated the artist’s strong use of color, and the gradations from dark to light, and warm to cool, in this simply stated but powerful piece.

DISTINCTION  #36, Ken Anderson – “Ormond Loop Storm”

            The judge felt that the artist used strong contrast and beautiful color to tell the story of the lights and darks of the landscape during a storm.  The painting has great impact. 

ACHIEVEMENT  #40, Ev  Niewoehner – “Saxophone(Evolution)”

ACHIEVEMENT  #22, Marianna Ross – “Empathy”

ACHIEVEMENT   #135, Richlin Burnett-Ryan – “Soaring Above the Cranes” Sponsored by Jaye Escudero in Memory of Fred Samuelson 

ACHIEVEMENT   #52, Kathy Bloem – “Rebels of 1910”

RECOGNITION  #3, Barbara Perkins – “It’s Not Happening”

RECOGNITION  #138, Weldon Ryan – “Radiant Mas” 

RECOGNITION    #63, Tom Silvey – “View From the Garden Shed”

RECOGNITION  #33, Beatrice Athanas – “Stranded”

“SMALL WORKS”  #129, Pamela Sweet – “Nothing But Blue Skies”

MERIT  #102, Kathy O’Meara – “Sampan Sunrise”

MERIT   #57, Daniel Wozniak – “Plantation Remnants #2”

MERIT   #120, Babz Lupoli – “Go With the Flow”

MERIT  #88, Lisa Argentieri – “The Kiss”

HONORABLE MENTION   #19, Maureen McLeod – “The Loft”

 HONORABLE MENTION  #127, Sallie Gay Quick – “Jazz ‘Is’ Blues”

 HONORABLE MENTION #81, Juan Carlos Cahue – “The Great Lapiz”

 HONORABLE MENTION #80, Sharon LaDue – “Ancient Lands”

JUDGE’S CHOICE  #140, Ellen Vath – “The Dancers”

JUDGE’S CHOICE  #97, RoAnn  Elias – “Everything is Possible”

JUDGE’S CHOICE  #61, Bobi MinaMora – “The Loop”

JUDGE’S CHOICE  #46, Marilyn Leverton – “Aphrodite”

JUDGE’S CHOICE  #72, Mindy Colton – “Tango” 





Members Exhibit – Award Winners


BEST IN SHOW – Marta Crawford, #62 – “The Thinker”  The judge noted that the beautiful rendering captured both the likeness and the human spirit of the subject.

FIRST PLACE – Mindy Z. Colton, #150 – “Blue Gaze Mare and Foal”  The judge appreciated the whimsical and spirited attitude of the horses, and the gorgeous color palette.

SECOND PLACE  - Trish Beckham, #28 – “Swamp”  The judge enjoyed the serenity and tranquility of this peaceful scene.

THIRD PLACE  - Gail Bokor, #7 – “Metamorphosis”  The judge noted the wonderful composition, enhanced by interesting mark-making and beautiful palette. Sponsored by Jaye Escudero in memory of Fred Samuelson

 DISTINCTION  - Kim denBeste, #168 – “Disappearing Silver Springs”  The judge said that this thought-provoking piece made her want to linger and explore the story further.

DISTINCTION  - Lillian Verkins, #115 – “Domino Effect”  The judge found this painting both striking and contemplative.

DISTINCTION  - Pat Spano, #94 – “Gone Bananas”  The judge appreciated the vibrant colors and the graphic nature of the rendering.

DISTINCTION  - P. Z. Thompson, #65 – “Dreamer”  The judge was drawn to the loose yet energetic approach taken by the artist.  Sponsored by Bob and Carol Orr in memory of Fred Samuelson

 ACHIEVEMENT  - Trudy Beard, #79 – “Green Pottery”

ACHIEVEMENT  - Janet Bernardini, #171 – “White Bird” Sponsored by Joan Jacobsen in memory of Elizabeth A. Jacobsen

ACHIEVEMENT   - Maureen McLeod, #40 – Harlequin #7

ACHIEVEMENT   - Arnold Desmarais, #61 – “The Moon and the America”

ACHIEVEMENT  - Pam Coffman, #72 – “Speaking in Tongues but the Message was Lost in Translation”

ACHIEVEMENT  - Josh Rosen, #145 – “Lost Child”

RECOGNITION – Scott Hiestand, #22 – “Hello Girls”

RECOGNITION  - Keri Ippolito, #112- “Sunset Intercoastal”

RECOGNITION  - Francine Levy, #120 – “Manatee Springs State Park”

RECOGNITION  - Cheri Erdman, #43 – “Art in the News – 6”

 “SMALL WORKS”  -Jane Kerle, #84 – “Old Homestead”                                   Sponsored by Don Kennedy

MERIT  - Becky Moore, #152 – “Farewell”

MERIT  - Lee Nessler, #142 – “Clam Diggers”

MERIT  - Ellen Vath, #159 – “A Leap of Faith”

MERIT  - Jon Miller, #31 – “A Little to the Left”

HONORABLE MENTION  - Carson Kapp, #3 – “Whimsical Urbs”

 HONORABLE MENTION  - Jan Reeder, #91 – “City Street”

 HONORABLE MENTION  - Gretchen Nass, #135 – “Revolt”

 HONORABLE MENTION  -Joan Jacobsen, #12 – “On the Rocks”

JUDGE’S CHOICE  - Karen Ann Patton, #161 – “Orange and Blue”

JUDGE’S CHOICE – Kathy Kurke, #45 – “Eye-land Girl”

JUDGE’S CHOICE – Bobi Minamora, #83 – “Granada Bridge”

JUDGE’S CHOICE – Nicki Merthe, #15 – “The Entertainers”