“Degrees of Abstraction” Awards


BEST IN SHOW – presented in memory of Marilynne Roland  #21 – Jules Silver   “Untitled”            The judge noted that the artist showed great skill in using his process to bring together materials that ARE the image.  The variety of colored lines create a visually interesting pattern, and the background adds depth.  The presentation is quite sophisticated and well-thought out, enhancing the work. An outstanding example of true abstraction.     

FIRST PLACE  #35 – Carolyn Land   “Stream Bed”            The judge remarked that the artist used a variety of materials to reference a landscape (but not too much!).  The work is rich with well-placed details, lines, and marks that work well in a horizontal format. 

SECOND PLACE   #69 – Peggy Banks   “Silk Ocean”            The judge felt that this artist successfully created a strong and aggressive work that also plays off the duality of rough/smooth and bold/delicate.  He appreciated the emergence of the delicate fabric from the textured, ragged edges of the openings. 

THIRD PLACE  #82 – Nancy Newlove McElroy   “Canyon Sunrise”            The judge stated that the artist used interesting abstract shapes, combined in such a way that invited the viewer to explore the piece.  He also noted the skill used in application of the paints and glazes, creating rich color. 

DISTINCTION   #38 – Keri Ippolito    “Red Mesa”            The judge appreciated that the artist used a vertical format for an abstracted landscape, and also noted the effective use of collage materials, as well as gradation of color and a complexity of surface. 

DISTINCTION  #36 – Richlin Burnett-Ryan   “Strong Not Angry”            The judge felt that the freshness of this work, in subject matter, bold color, and use of pattern, made it stand out in the exhibit and deserve recognition. 

DISTINCTION   #45 – Jaye Escudero   “Garden Beginnings”            The judge enjoyed the ephemeral quality of this piece, and the subtle color effect enhanced by the artist’s choice of paper.  He also noted the very professional presentation of the work. 

DISTINCTION  #4 – Carson Kapp   “Gallant”            The judge noted the lively color, pattern, and marks in this vibrant work, as well as the well-integrated collage materials.  He felt the work evoked a sense of the artist’s personality. 

ACHIEVEMENT  #8 – Doreen Hackett   “Three Vases”

ACHIEVEMENT  #2 – Nancy Hagood    “Summer Puddle”

ACHIEVEMENT  #16 – Joanie Kaufman    “Solitary Rose”

ACHIEVEMENT   #23 – Janet Bernardini   “Abstract in Blue”

RECOGNITION  #57 – Kris Boysen   “Freedom”

RECOGNITION  #19 – Jim Hoolsema   “Shards”

RECOGNITION    #14 – Gail Bokor   “Anticipation”

RECOGNITION  #84 – Andrew Gamache   “Madona”

“SMALL WORKS”  #51 – Kathy O’Meara   “Octopus Garden”

MERIT  #68 – Carol Orr   “Untitled”

MERIT   #17 – Ev Niewoehmer   “Evolution (Piano)”

MERIT   #55 – Katty Smith   “Beyond the Yellow Brick Road”

MERIT  #30 – Lyn Strong   “Primordial”

HONORABLE MENTION   #85 – Barbara Perrotti    “Stool Still”

 HONORABLE MENTION  #48 – Bonnie Garson   “Circle”

 HONORABLE MENTION #58 – Jan Reeder   “Mary Kate”

 HONORABLE MENTION #62 – Bab Lupoli   “Coffee Break”

HONORABLE MENTION #39 – Ricki Stofsky   “Impact” 





Members Exhibit 2017 Awards


BEST IN SHOW  #109, Katty Smith – “The House That Made Me”

            The judge noted that this sculpture possesses a strong energy.  He also appreciated that there was a wonderful story to be told behind it, and that the well-chosen colors work beautifully with the piece.

FIRST PLACE  #5, Lillian Verkins  - “Love Potion Going Down”

             The judge stated that this work had energy and a great deal of color with a lot of contrast, giving the work great depth.  The balance of color flows nicely and entertains the eye.

SECOND PLACE   #59, Barbara Perrotti – “Girl in the Garden”

            The judge remarked that he felt he could walk right into this comfortable scene, and could see the painting hanging in his house.  He appreciated that the artist downplayed the image of the figure while playing up the rest of the painting.  The negative spaces are beautifully handled.

THIRD PLACE  #73, Marta Crawford – “Affliction”

            The judge noted that the high skill level and talent of this artist come together, along with a great deal of work and attention to detail, in this sensitive portrait. Sponsored by Joan Jacobsen in Memory of Elizabeth Jacobsen

DISTINCTION   #1, Keri Ippolito – “Rough Water”

            The judge was drawn to the layering of colors as they go off into the distance.  Great dimension and strong color lead the viewer to the horizon line, and the overall look is fresh and clean.

DISTINCTION  #104, Lee Nesler – “Port Clyde”

            The judge stated that the artist has devoted a great deal of time and skill in creating an image to which we can all relate.  The piece has strong contrast, a wonderful feeling, and a lot of interesting detail.

DISTINCTION   #91, Carol Thornton – “Remnant”

            The judge appreciated the artist’s strong use of color, and the gradations from dark to light, and warm to cool, in this simply stated but powerful piece.

DISTINCTION  #36, Ken Anderson – “Ormond Loop Storm”

            The judge felt that the artist used strong contrast and beautiful color to tell the story of the lights and darks of the landscape during a storm.  The painting has great impact. 

ACHIEVEMENT  #40, Ev  Niewoehner – “Saxophone(Evolution)”

ACHIEVEMENT  #22, Marianna Ross – “Empathy”

ACHIEVEMENT   #135, Richlin Burnett-Ryan – “Soaring Above the Cranes” Sponsored by Jaye Escudero in Memory of Fred Samuelson 

ACHIEVEMENT   #52, Kathy Bloem – “Rebels of 1910”

RECOGNITION  #3, Barbara Perkins – “It’s Not Happening”

RECOGNITION  #138, Weldon Ryan – “Radiant Mas” 

RECOGNITION    #63, Tom Silvey – “View From the Garden Shed”

RECOGNITION  #33, Beatrice Athanas – “Stranded”

“SMALL WORKS”  #129, Pamela Sweet – “Nothing But Blue Skies”

MERIT  #102, Kathy O’Meara – “Sampan Sunrise”

MERIT   #57, Daniel Wozniak – “Plantation Remnants #2”

MERIT   #120, Babz Lupoli – “Go With the Flow”

MERIT  #88, Lisa Argentieri – “The Kiss”

HONORABLE MENTION   #19, Maureen McLeod – “The Loft”

 HONORABLE MENTION  #127, Sallie Gay Quick – “Jazz ‘Is’ Blues”

 HONORABLE MENTION #81, Juan Carlos Cahue – “The Great Lapiz”

 HONORABLE MENTION #80, Sharon LaDue – “Ancient Lands”

JUDGE’S CHOICE  #140, Ellen Vath – “The Dancers”

JUDGE’S CHOICE  #97, RoAnn  Elias – “Everything is Possible”

JUDGE’S CHOICE  #61, Bobi MinaMora – “The Loop”

JUDGE’S CHOICE  #46, Marilyn Leverton – “Aphrodite”

JUDGE’S CHOICE  #72, Mindy Colton – “Tango” 





“Figuratively Speaking” Awards


 BEST IN SHOW  #45, Kathleen Chenet, “Saturday Spin”   The judge noted that she was continually drawn back to this work.  Repetitive elements and surface patterns keep the viewer’s eye engaged in this complex composition.  The piece successfully captures a scene from “a day in the life”. 

FIRST PLACE  #2, Fay Samimi, “Divine”  The judge noted the rich layers of graphic symbols and mixing up of textures in this work that explores meaning through gesture, stylization and attention to detail. 

SECOND PLACE  #90, Deborah Elmquist, “Sunday Sacrifice” The judge appreciated the artist’s creation of a luminous surface that incorporates surprising marks of saturated color. 

THIRD PLACE  #104, Sylvia Camille, “Rest for the Weary”   The judge remarked that the artist presents current social commentary in a classic reclining pose, and took a risk in presenting subject matter that might be outside the viewer’s daily environment.

 DISTINCTION  #43, Lynn Brenner-Katz, “Dawn of a New Age”  The angular anatomical definition of the piece balances the inventive use of found materials.  Said the judge, “This sculpture takes me on a journey to a far-away land.”

 DISTINCTION   #125, Grace Senior Morandi, “Collaborators”  The judge stated that she saw an “ merging of printmaking and painting techniques in this work, and a “collaboration” of abstraction and representational styles. 

DISTINCTION   #32,  Candace Vlcek,  “Studying Degas”  The judge appreciated the bold use of color and gestural marks that effectively construct the form. 

DISTINCTION  #19, Marianna H. Ross, “Sleep of Reason”  The judge said that the artist demonstrates restraint of figurative detail, yet the overall imagery is complex. 

DISTINCTION  #105, Robert Grayson,  “Paris in the Park”  The judge especially appreciated the artist’s mastery of colored pencil in this piece. 

SPECIAL AWARD FOR REALISM  - SPONSORED BY MARTA CRAWFORD  #44, Andrina Carey, “Resting”  The judge noted the beautiful luminous color in this piece, especially in the fully rendered light on the skin.   

ACHIEVEMENT  #52, Anne Ryan, “Solitude”

ACHIEVEMENT  #93, Regine Dossche, “Dancing for Joy”

ACHIEVEMENT   #107, Craig Monroe, “Against the Light”

ACHIEVEMENT   #16, Arnold Desmarais,   “The Babushka”

RECOGNITION  #88, Trish Beckham, “Jennifer”

RECOGNITION  #103, Betty Morris Parker, “Conductor”

RECOGNITION    #34, Patrick Flannery, “Euclid Working the Angles”

RECOGNITION  #79, Carson Kapp, “Tete a Tete”

“SMALL WORKS”Sponsored by Don Kennedy   #23, John Robak,  “Morning Garden”

MERIT  #78, Marta Crawford, “Anabel”

MERIT   #109,  Barbara Ortiz, “A Good Book”

MERIT   #84, Nicolas Gheur, “Guruji”

MERIT  #33, Jon Miller, “Bubbles”

MERIT  #70, Barbara Perrotti,  “The Three Amigos”

HONORABLE MENTION   #14, N.C. Hagood, “Directions”

HONORABLE MENTION   #3, Don Kennedy, “Up the Boatyard Ladder #2”

HONORABLE MENTION  #5, Kathy Kurke, “Norma Jean’s Textures”

HONORABLE MENTION  #10, Katty Smith, “Repose”

HONORABLE MENTION  #120, Kathy Bloem, “Summer Day” 

JUDGE’S CHOICE  #36, William Brown, “Snowing in New York”

JUDGE’S CHOICE  #20, Lillian Verkins, “Bridging the Gap”

JUDGE’S CHOICE  #74, Allen Lee Improta, “Sun Bather”

JUDGE’S CHOICE  #119, Weldon Ryan, “Cool Blue” 



Rose Thome Casterline



“Get Real” Awards

BEST IN SHOW  - #146, ***Weldon Ryan, “Leh We Whine”    The judge stated that the artist is gifted at rendering the figure, and noted the skilled handling of all the details and textures in this bold, dynamic piece.  She especially appreciated the use of the strong diagonal in the composition.  A real attention-getter, and worthy of the top award.
FIRST PLACE  - #90, ***Sheryl Hughes, “I Can Still See You”   The judge noted the attention to detail and the inclusion of delicate touches such as the eyelashes and whiskers.  A strong example of contemporary realism.
SECOND PLACE  - #37, Marta Crawford, “Resiliance”   The judge described this piece as having a strong sense of history and memory.  The work made the judge want to know the rest of the story.
THIRD PLACE - #24, Doreen Hackett, “Jolly Spoons”  The judge commented that this watercolor showed skillful handling of the medium, in a dynamic and bold composition.  She especially appreciated the handling of the reflections.
DISTINCTION  - #46, ***Trish Beckham, “Beets”  The judge enjoyed the use of the split complementary color scheme and the depiction of texture.  She especially liked the use of the green in the leaves, and the sense of depth as the beets seem to come forward.
DISTINCTION  - #50, Andrina Carey, “Interlude”   The judge described this portrait as hauntingly beautiful, with skilled handling of the features and skin tones, especially in the eyes.  The painting invites the viewer to wonder about this woman’s story.
DISTINCTION   -  #145, Andrew Gamache, “Disoriented Monarch”   The judge noted the artist’s handling of his materials to create a piece with a strong presence and sense of volume.  She remarked that the piece is somewhat odd in a very appealing way, and also has a sense of humor.
DISTINCTION  - #70, Arnold Desmarais, “Island Visit”  The judge appreciated the quiet beauty in this piece, and the sensitive handling of the details.  The scene draws the viewer in and invites him or her to linger.
ACHIEVEMENT  - #11, Nicki Altes Merthe, “Cellar Music”
ACHIEVEMENT  - #20, Frances Carson, “Grail and Blue”
ACHIEVEMENT   - #124, Robert Wince, “A Stealthy Approach”
Award Sponsored by Greg Milliken
ACHIEVEMENT   #112, Lynn Brenner-Katz, “Envy: The Leek is Always Greener on the Other Side”
 RECOGNITION  - #76,*** Tom Silvey, “The Street Market”
RECOGNITION  - #48, Candace Vlcek, “Plantation Oaks”
RECOGNITION  - #103, Kathleen Lusby, “Lawren and Rain”
RECOGNITION  - #138, Barbara Ortiz, “Three Generations”
“SMALL WORKS”  - #55, John Robak, “A Fine Merlot”
MERIT   - #139, Helen Curry Benet, “Wekiva Canoes”
MERIT  - #135,*** Anne Ryan, “Thin Skinned”
MERIT  - #80, *** Pat Krueger, “Frog”
MERIT  - #87, Joy Bowen, “Juice, Rind, and Zest”
HONORABLE MENTION   - #42, Chip Gillespie, “Gypsy Vanner Horses”
 HONORABLE MENTION   - #98, Lee Nesler, “Hoping for Sunshine”
 HONORABLE MENTION  - #127, Bob Grayson, “Watching the Beach Walkers”
 HONORABLE MENTION  - #92, Trish Eisen, “Twin Cypress on the Lachooche
 JUDGE’S CHOICE - #144, Barbara Perrotti, “Indian Rock Eagle Owl”
JUDGE’S CHOICE – #109, Beverly Ulrich, “Adrift”
JUDGE’S CHOICE - #12, Jon Miller, “Voices”
JUDGE’S CHOICE - #43, Linda Landry, “Let There Be Light”
Elizabeth Bryant

“Members Showcase” Awards


 BEST IN SHOW  - #88, “Modern Intimacy”, Andrina Carey   

          The judge was intrigued by the narrative happening in this image; there are people looking back at the couple in the foreground, with a variety of expressions on their faces, and the guy in the foreground has a bit of attitude as well.  The judge wanted to know more about the story and what’s going on.  The fact that the focal point has been brought down into the lower right-hand corner makes for a strong composition, with effective differentiation in foreground, midground and background. A strong piece deserving of the top award.

FIRST PLACE – #54,   Seal It With a Kiss”, Josh Rosen 

          The judge selected this piece because of the intriguing narrative, the sense of insecurity with the buckled knees, the posture, the facial expression, and the crack in the heart. The artist truly captured the embodiment of a person really struggling to find love.

SECOND PLACE  - #72, “The Longing”, Marta Crawford 

          The judge stated that she was really drawn to this extremely well-done portrait; the sense of light and shadow, and the subtlety of the gradation in the face are quite beautiful.  The artist has skillfully employed lots of differentiation of texture in the hair, clothing and skin, and there is a sense of movement.

THIRD PLACE  - #137, “Longing for Spring”, Pam Coffman 

          The judge noted that this artist rose to the challenge of using mixed media to create an integrated and sophisticated work.  The artist has seamlessly combined images, media, and materials to create textural differences, and to create a strange, somewhat disturbing image that is oddly intriguing.   

DISTINCTION  - #48, “Breaking Free”, Robert Brooks 

          The judge noted that the artist fashioned a well-done and cohesive combination of found objects and mixed media, employing different types of wood and woodgrain; the beauty of the natural wood for the feathers of the bird makes a strong statement. 

DISTINCTION  - #68, “Meaning”, Babz Lupoli 

          The judge stated that this abstract piece grabbed her attention, and she found it intriguing.  There is a nice depth with a variety of mark-making, and she felt that she could zoom into its depth and travel back and forth among the marks.  The work engaged her from across the room, and continued to engage her as she came closer.

DISTINCTION - #154,  “Kid Carnival 1”, Weldon Ryan  

          The judge was impressed by the use of color,the expression on the face, and a great sense of beauty and lushness with the lips, the feathers, and the various textures.  The reflections in the sequins are beautifully done.  And yet there is some sadness and reservation in her face that contradicts what is going on around her, adding a sense of mystery.

DISTINCTION  - #151, “Blue Spring Manatee”, Robert Wince 

          The judge remarked that when a landscape really jumps out at her as being special, she likes to acknowledge that quality.  She noted the beautiful detail and sense of light,  and the luminous glow coming up from the sands and the water.  The judge felt that the piece has a bit of a Rousseau feeling about it.

ACHIEVEMENT  - #13, “Unsent”, N.C. Hagood

ACHIEVEMENT  - #61, “Photo Finish”, Charles Gillespie

ACHIEVEMENT   - #7, “Friends”, Gail Bokor – Sponsored by Jaye Escudero in memory of Stanley Dean Escudero

ACHIEVEMENT   - #41, “After the Storm”, Francine Levy – Sponsored by Stan and Suzanne Clark

RECOGNITION  - #32, “Mulberry Madonna”, Marianna Ross

RECOGNITION  - #80, “This Bird”, Colleen Quigley

RECOGNITION  - #148 , “Ephemeral”, Sylvia Camille

RECOGNITION  - #55 , “Them Bones, Them…”, Terri England – Sponsored by Pam Coffman

“SMALL WORKS”  - #140,  “Peaches”, Tom Silvey – Sponsored by Don Kennedy

“SMALL WORKS”  - #114, “Lake House”, Deb Zacharias

MERIT   - #127, “Cracker Daydream”, Susan Furrie

MERIT   - #103,  “Daybreak at the Reserve”, Leah Wiedemer

MERIT  - #147,  “Annmarie”, Kathleen Lusby

MERIT  - #123, “Dreaming”, Carson Kapp

HONORABLE MENTION   - #19, “Early Birds”, Ann Taylor

 HONORABLE MENTION   - #153, “Summer Bouquet”, Anne Ryan

 HONORABLE MENTION  - #33,  “Dreamtime”, Lillian Verkin

 HONORABLE MENTION  - #146, “The Kiss”, Katty Smith

JUDGE’S CHOICE  - #87, “Salvation”, Pat Ray

JUDGE’S CHOICE – #117,  “Reflections II”, Betty Morris Parker

JUDGE’S CHOICE – #134, “Butterfly Koi”, Pat Krueger

JUDGE’S CHOICE – #143,  “The Light Within”, Fay Samimi