“Figuratively Speaking” Awards

ART LEAGUE OF DAYTONA BEACH – “Figuratively Speaking 2018” 

BEST IN SHOW  #104  Weldon Ryan  “Surfboard and Flipflops”                         Presented in memory of Rose Ann Samuelson                                                              The judge noted that the artist captured both the vitality and innocence of youth, poised with concentration just before the beginning of an adventure.  The artist used vivid color and a dynamic composition to further enhance the work. 

FIRST PLACE  #89  Fay Samimi     “Evolution”  The judge appreciated the color choices, the surprise of the hidden compartment, and the expression of emotions on the face of this magical creature. 

SECOND PLACE   #103  Doreen Hardie   “Beautiful Dreamer” The judge was impressed with this sensitive portrait of a young woman deep in thought.  A tender and emotional work. 

THIRD PLACE   #87  Bonnie Shapiro  “Nica”    The judge recognized the skillful use of light, and that the artist took a risk with the composition in this work reminiscent of the Old Masters. 

DISTINCTION    #107  Kathleen Lusby  “Nessy in Red” The judge stated that the artist effectively used bright colors, glowing skin tones, and the contrast of the abstract background and realistic subject. 

DISTINCTION   #44  Marilyn Leverton  “Fierce  The judge appreciated the dynamic tension in this figure that captures physical strength and motion. 

DISTINCTION   #26  Beatrice Athanas  “Glow of the Light”   The judge noted the artist’s use of color and light, and the combination of two and three-dimensional materials. 

DISTINCTION   #17  Marta Crawford  “Ya Ya”    The judge said that she could read this woman’s entire life story in this amazing portrait. 

ACHIEVEMENT   #3  Carson Kapp   “Spiritual Journey” 

ACHIEVEMENT    #58  Kay Botet  “Survivor”                                                 Presented in memory of Bertha Kirby 

ACHIEVEMENT   #106  Pat Lentine  “Island Girl” 

ACHIEVEMENT  #38  P.Z. Thompson  “End of Day” 

RECOGNITION  #50  Alice Gipson  “Her Red Heels” 

RECOGNITION  #15  Joan Baliker  “Gandhi” 

RECOGNITION   #23  Pamela Bleakney  “Frida’s Tree” 

RECOGNITION   #66 Anne Ryan  “Sitting Pretty”

MERIT   #72  Tom Silvey  “At the Keyboard”

 MERIT   #5  Nicki Altes Merthe  “Marvin”

MERIT   #82  Jaye Escudero  “My Brother Bill”

MERIT   #98  Katty Smith  “Still I Rise”

HONORABLE MENTION  #33  Lillian Verkins  “Looking Back, Before Going    Forward       

 HONORABLE MENTION #11  Juan Echezabal  “Rumba”

 HONORABLE MENTION #61  Lee Nesler  “Given My spirit Wings”

 HONORABLE MENTION  #76  LC Tobey  “Celebration of the Human Hug”

HONORABLE MENTION  #69  Tony Procanik  “Symmetry in Paris” 

Exhibition Judge – Anna Miller