Rafael Torres

Rafael Torres

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY WITH RAFAEL TORRES – Schedule varies, check back  for current schedules.   

 Rafael began his art career as a painter’s apprentice in Cuba, and continued as a graphic artist/editorial illustrator for a Florida newspaper.  “Always an admirer of photography,” Rafael relates, “I began taking pictures of people and places, eventually teaching myself the mysteries of the chemical darkroom.  It would be decades later when I turned off the red safe light for good and chose the computer screen to process my photographs.”

Today Rafael’s images reflect many subjects, including the natural world and people and places.  Most of his work is in color, but once in a while he returns to the allure of the abstract black and white image.

The Art League of Daytona Beach, 433 South Palmetto Avenue in the historic downtown district, is opening its doors for a Fall Season of classes and workshops for those interested in learning and improving their skills in various media. 

Starting in October, as soon as the weather outside gets cooler, we will provide a series of classes in Nature Photography incorporating field trips to interesting locations in Central Florida as well as practical lessons using Photoshop to improve and enhance pictures. 




First class meets at the Art League of Daytona Beach, Studio A, at 433 South Palmetto Avenue in downtown historic district of the city. All classes begin at 8:30 AM, with a half hour lunch break at the facilities, ending around 3:30 in the afternoon.

For more information, call 386-258-3856 during office hours, or email instructor Rafael Torres at Suburbanexplorer@gmail.com anytime.

Class One, Saturday, May 6th.: Review of digital camera exposure techniques. Working with all non-Auto modes, especially Manual setting. Resolution and file sizes. Camera and lens calibration for better performance using special targets and tools. Practical exercise stitching multiple images into large panoramas. Use of tripods, including special modifications for low angle closeups. Care and maintenance of digital cameras and accessories.

Students will bring their own digital camera and a couple of lenses, filters, tripod, etc., as well as their own laptop computers for class exercises.

Class Two, Saturday, May 13th.: Review of learned exposure techniques with hands-on test. Dynamic range in tonal exposures. Using camera’s Histogram for more accurate tonal control. Dealing with electronic noise in high ISO conditions. Review Ansel Adam’s Zone System for digital photography.Basic lighting principles with artificial and natural light. Use of built-in and external flash units for creative lighting techniques. Reflectors and diffusers for lighting control.

Class Three, Saturday, May 20th.: Image Workflow. Minimum and ideal computer needs for memory and processing in Adobe Photoshop. Color management and monitor calibration. Downloading for temporary and permanent archival filing. Basic optimizing of Jpegs. Using Camera Raw for better image processing. Sharpening, upscaling and downscaling for printing and the web.

Class Four, Saturday, May 27th.: Printing files optimized in your computer. Making test prints to match your monitor images. Use of different papers and textures. Mounting and framing your prints.

Class Five, Saturday, June 3rd.: Film to Digital. Scanning your old film negatives and slides for digital conversion and post processing. Preserving and sharing your family archives in books and social media.

Class Six: Saturday, June 10th.: Using the cell phone as a digital camera for still photography and videos. Downloading specialized applications for image processing from App stores. Accessories for better cell phone pictures. Artistic and creative imaging using this unique tool.

Students need to register before first session by sending email request to instructor Rafael Torres at Suburbanexplorer@gmail.com

Cost of this six week course is $210.00 with a 10% discount for currently paid Art League members. This class is limited to less than 10 students.

 Rafael C. Torres
Digital Photography Instructor
Art League of Daytona Beach, FL


Field Photo class on an excursion