“Degrees of Abstraction”

“Degrees of Abstraction”, our judged theme show open to all Florida artists, will open on Sunday,  April 30, from 100 to 400, with an awards ceremony at 200 pm.  Delivery will be on Tuesday, April 25, from 900 am to 400 pm.  Three entries per artist, entry fee is $20.00 per piece for members, and $25.00 per piece for nonmembers.  Awards will depend on number of entries, “Best in Show” will be $500.00.  Awards will be determined without regard to media category.  There will be a special award for a “Small Works”, 2-D or 3-D, no larger than 14 inches in any direction, including frames and bases. Be sure to review our updated gallery policies, available under the “Exhibitions” heading on the home page.

This show will include all types of abstraction, starting with work that makes some reference to a recognizable form, and going all the way to non-objective work, which has no reference to any recognizable subject matter.

You can find excellent examples of “degrees” on Robert Burridge’s website, http://www.robertburridge.com.   In his “galleries”, the “Good Life”: gallery is what I would consider impressionistic work, but not abstraction .

The “Manna From Heaven”, “Wingland”, “Lounge Ladies”, and “Magic Circus” galleries are abstraction but with some reference to reality, but color, shape, and other design elements are more important than “things”.

The “Abstracts” gallery is nonobjective, with no reference to anything real at all.

Hopefully that helps, but if you are unsure about your potential entries, email me a jpeg. and we can discuss.