Gallery Policies



            SIZE LIMITATIONS:  All artwork may not exceed 60 inches (five feet) in any direction.  This includes framing on 2-D work.  3-D work must be securely constructed, and must be able to be moved by two Art League staff members. These limitations will ensure maximum exhibition opportunities in the available space for all exhibitors.

            MULTIPLES:  Diptychs and triptychs will not be accepted.

INSTALLATIONS:    Installations will not be accepted.

            AUXILIARY MATERIALS:  Statements, explanations, prose, poetry etc. will not be displayed.

            FOUND MATERIALS/OBJECTS:   Found objects and materials must be fully integrated into the work and show significant evidence of the artist’s hand.

            All exhibits will be juried, and the Art League reserves the right to refuse any work deemed not suitable.  The Art League also reserves the right to use images of any exhibited works  on its website and in current and future publicity materials.  Artists will be credited if their images are used.

            Only original works may be displayed, no reproductions or gicleesNo work may be copied from the work of other artists, including, but not limited to: artwork, photographs, books and periodicals, work in the public domain.  Artists who are found to have copied other artists’ work will have their work removed from the exhibit and will forfeit any awards received.

All work must be listed with a price, NFS (Not for Sale), or “From the collection of…”.  We are not able to take orders for reproductions, commissions, special orders etc.; if a visitor requests, we will contact the artist and with his/her permission, will give the interested party the artist’s contact information.

            Work must have been completed no more than two years prior to exhibition date, and not shown in any previous Art League judged exhibit.


            All 2-D work must be properly framed and securely wired across the entire back of the piece.  We recommend braided wire with sufficient strength to support the work, arranged so that the apex of the wire will be approximately 2 inches from the top of the work.  Single-strand wire (on heavy pieces), plastic fishing line, and string are not acceptable.  Sawtooth and snap-in hooks will not work with our hanging system.  The wire should be attached approximately 1/3 of the distance from the top of the frame, so as to avoid having the work tilt forward.

            Please bear in mind that we use a rail and rod hanging system, and may not be able to accommodate extremely heavy worksNo work will be hung from the ceilings.

            We request that mattes are white, off-white, grey, or black, and that gallery-wrapped canvases have finished edges with no visible staplesPLEASE DO NOT USE COLORED MATTES OR FRAMES.  We strongly suggest that when it comes to framing, simpler is better.


            All exhibitors must complete a “Waiver of Liability” form for any and all artwork exhibited.  The Art League takes all due precautions for the safety and handling of the work, but is not responsible for any damage or loss to same.


            All sales from the gallery will be processed through the Art League (please note that we do not accept credit cards).  Checks should be made payable to the Art League of Daytona.  As a non-profit organization, we will appreciate a donation of 30% of the selling price of the work, which helps us offset expenses including invitations, reception supplies and services, utilities, awards, advertising and upkeep. Artists will be responsible for packing,  shipping, and payment arrangements for  any work sent to a customer.

            Artists will be notified of sales, and upon receipt of cash or clearance of purchaser’s check, will be given a check (less  donation) and a form noting the details of the sale and their donation to the Art League.

The Art League does not publicize artists’ contact information, websites or other activities outside the scope of the Art League.  Only promotional materials published by the Art League may be displayed on its premises.                                                                                                     

Updated 3-30-17