Lightroom 101 with Janet Bernardini

Lightroom 101 – a 4-week class starting Tuesday, Jan. 7, from 930 to 1230, members $20.00/week, nonmembers $25.00/week.

This class is an in-depth introduction to the Library and Develop modules in Lightroom Classic desktop version.  With hands on experience, we will unlock the potential of Lightroom by learning to import, organize, rate, edit, enhance, synchronize settings, add presets, share, all in a workflow for ease of use and performance.  We will discuss Photoshop and how it will fit your workflow, and how to move between the two programs effortlessly.  PLEASE NOTE: This class is for beginner and intermediate Lightroom users.  We will be using the desktop version, Lightroom Classis v 9.0, which is a pay subscription from the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.  Older versions can be used, but will not have the same features.  A laptop is required.

Call or email me with any questions. Janet Bernardini