Marta Crawford – Drawing

copyright Marta Crawford

Copyright Marta Crawford

copyright Marta Crawford

copyright Marta Crawford


Mondays, 1 pm to 4 pm, Studio B

Members, $20.00 per class, nonmembers, $25.00 per class

“Strength in drawing is paramount for art and painting in particular. If the painting is the flesh, the drawing is the skeleton that supports it. Good drawings create strong paintings.” 

            In this class, Marta Crawford will guide   students through a series of exercises and assignments incorporating the following drawing skills :

  • Learning to measure and find exact proportions to ensure accuracy.
  • Finding shapes and identifying values.
  • Using effective design and placement to develop a strong composition.
  • Determining and using accurate perspective.          

          Students will work from photographs and live set-ups, and will do multiple short exercises in class and at home to develop accuracy and speed.  Weekly assignments for a completed drawing will incorporate lessons learned in the previous class.

            The class will be on-going and cumulative; continuity in attendance will ensure the student’s success, as class projects will become more complex as students gain experience over time.

 “Keys to Drawing” by Bert Dodson will be the reference book for the class.