Members Show 2019 Awards


BEST IN SHOW  #24  Marianna H. Ross  “Slithereen”  The judge selected this painting for the Best in Show award for several reasons.  He noted that the artist used a variety of color along with intricate details, and liked the way that the composition flows, coming out of the right side.  He appreciated that the artist was obviously dedicated to taking the time, and putting in the work, to create this beautiful painting.  Evidence of this dedication is an important criteria in the selection of a top award. 

FIRST PLACE  #44  Lillian Verkins  “Transcending”   The judge noted the artist’s use of complementary colors to create a diagonal flow, and the thoughtful placement of darks and lights.  He also stated that the figure works beautifully within the flow of color, and the gradation of color from the dark at the bottom to the light at the top is done very well. 

SECOND PLACE   #125  Marsha Tidy  “Hot Day in New Jersey II”  The judge felt that the artist had a unique approach to the use of color, especially in the treatment of the water, combining both realism and abstraction.  The composition moves from the bottom right to the upper left, creating distance.  The colors in the figure and face are expressive and believable, and the brushstrokes are skillfully handled.  A highly original work. 

THIRD PLACE  #129  Richlin Burnett-Ryan  “Cattleya Orchid”  The judge appreciated the use of bold color and strong contrasts that make this painting work.  The artist has made effective use of a multitude of strong complementary colors, and created a flow of variety of color, especially in the floral areas.    

DISTINCTION   #30  Beverley Ulrich  “Spellbound”  The judge appreciated the artist’s skill in the handling of the medium, and in color choices, to create texture and flow.  The values move from dark to light, and the blues and greens are soothing and relaxing, and play off the stronger reds and oranges.  A striking piece that one could enjoy viewing at length.  

DISTINCTION    #20  Nancy McElroy  “Core”  The judge noted that the artist clearly put a great deal of thought into creating a piece that is both useful – with the light – and artistic.  The judge liked the layering of the structure, and the variety of colors,  with detail that is pleasing to the eye.  An outstanding piece. 

DISTINCTION   #7  Joye Shaffer  “Portal 1”  The judge remarked that strong color and contrast make this piece a standout.  The artist has used skill in creating the shapes, and has added just enough detail to make it interesting, but not overdone.  The flow of lines, and use of complementary colors and strong darks and lights, make this piece a winner.  A good example of the beauty of simplicity. 

DISTINCTION  #145  Shirley Pittman  “Noir”   The judge noted that the artist made perfect use of large, medium, and small shapes, along with just enough strong color contrast to enhance but not overpower the work.  The judge also appreciated the flow of the line work, and the way that the small blue spots of color bring the eye right into the painting. 

ACHIEVEMENT   #57  P.Z. Thompson  “Taken” 

ACHIEVEMENT  #9  Barbara Perrotti  “Morning Marsh” 

ACHIEVEMENT   #19  Lisa Argentieri  “Figure in Blue” 

ACHIEVEMENT  #146  N.C. Hagood  “Paloma” 

RECOGNITION  #25  Tiffany Moen  “Finley Claire” 

RECOGNITION  #79  Peg Williams  “Beneath the Surface” 

RECOGNITION  #142  Joe Costanzo  “Paris”  

RECOGNITION   #1  Naomi Berlin  “Ephemera”

MERIT   #128  Weldon Ryan  “Lucky Seven”

 MERIT  #110  Pat Lentine  “Sunny Daze”

MERIT   #49 Janet Bernardini  “Bascombe Creek Trail”

MERIT   #51  John McLeod  “Four Sheets to the Wind”

HONORABLE MENTION  #41  Eliza Pineau-Casler  “Self-Portrait in Pastel”

 HONORABLE MENTION #54  Vickie Wilson            “All Together”

 HONORABLE MENTION #89  Carol Brown  “California Burn”

 HONORABLE MENTION #144  Marta Crawford  “What Have You Done with my Creation?”

JUDGES CHOICE  #124  Kathleen Lusby  “Crocodile Bridge, Coast Rica 17”                                    

JUDGES CHOICE  #34  Babz Lupoli  “Fork in the Road of Time”

JUDGES CHOICE  #21  Beatrice Athanas  “Bob White and Water Tower”                                       

JUDGES CHOICE  #29  Carolyn Land  “Frozen”

JUDGES CHOICE   #80  Susan Bottaro  “Marvin”