Members Showcase 2018 Awards

ART LEAGUE OF DAYTONA BEACH – “Members Showcase 2018” 

BEST IN SHOW  - #113  Weldon Ryan  “P.O. Smith from Yard”  The judge noted that in selecting awards, she considers visual impact, strong technique, effective design,  and personal expression.  This work, a tour de force, had it all.  A deserving recipient of the top award in the show. 

FIRST PLACE  - #84  Katty Smith  “Rides With the Wind”  The judge stated that she wanted to keep looking at this fantastic piece, and that she continued to see something new and different as she walked around it.  She also remarked on the strong technique and beautiful design. 

SECOND PLACE    - #79  Bob Grayson  “Dreaming of the Big Leagues”  The judge noted the depth and attention to interesting detail in this effectively framed piece.  She also felt that there was a deeper narrative of hope and anticipation in the figure of the child. 

THIRD PLACE   - #109  Jules Silver  “Pipe Dreams”  The judge’s reaction to this piece was that it demanded her attention.  She described it as a unique piece with a sense of humor and appreciated the artist going out on a limb.  She also enjoyed the color scheme, especially the red accent. 

DISTINCTION   - #73  Kay Botet  “Welcome to Jakarta”  The judge enjoyed this piece with a strong sense of place, and noted a feeling of joy in this lovely lady with a beautiful smile.  

DISTINCTION   - #92  Pat Lentine  “Summer’s Smile”  The judge described this as another work that made her smile and want to keep looking.  The artist demonstrated her skill with colored pencil, and effective color choices. 

DISTINCTION  #16  Renee Schwadron Lewis  “Women and Artichokes”  The judge said that she enjoyed looking at this well-designed and whimsical work, and that the artist’s enthusiasm for her subject matter was strongly evident.  

DISTINCTION  - #44  Marta Crawford  “The Queen”  The judge stated that this sensitive piece was an example of strong technique in the use of charcoal and mastery of drawing, and that the beautiful presentation added to the work.

ACHIEVEMENT  - #1  Fay Samimi  “Winter Solstice” 

ACHIEVEMENT  - #19  Keri Ippolito  “Anozira” 

ACHIEVEMENT   - #56  Linda Amundsen  “New Smyrna View” 

ACHIEVEMENT  - #28  Marilyn Leverton  “I Could Have Won” 

RECOGNITION  - #106  Tom Silvey  “Aspen Forest” 

RECOGNITION  - #63  Ronda Richey  “Renditions of Miles Davis” 

RECOGNITION   - #85  Pam Coffman  “The Traveler”  

RECOGNITION  - #41  Janet Bernardini  “Portello Bianco”

MERIT  - #108  James Hoolsema  “American Gothic”

 MERIT  -  #6  Sharon LaDue  “A Balancing Act II”

MERIT   - #35  Robert Brooks  “High Dive”

MERIT   - #32  Robert Shirk  “Ole – Wave Dance”

HONORABLE MENTION  - #25  Lyn Strong  “Enter Here”

 HONORABLE MENTION -  #38  Wilson Romero  “The Beauty of My Geisha II”

 HONORABLE MENTION - #11  Eliza Pineau Casler  “Dark Beauty”

 HONORABLE MENTION - #4  N.C. Hagood  “Mi Amigo”

JUDGES CHOICE – #20  Babz Lupoli  “There are No Ordinary Moments”                     

JUDGES CHOICE  - #9  Nancy McElroy  “Quake” 

JUDGES CHOICE  - #104  Barbara DiVone Evershed  “Church on a Hill”                                   

JUDGES CHOICE  - #103  Clare Radigan  “Green Springs III”








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