Members Showcase Awards


BEST IN SHOW : #115 Weldon Ryan “Lookin’ Dangerous”            “I was first drawn by the subject matter and color but looking more closely, I was intrigued by the way the artist handled details such as the light filtering through the top of the figure. The background could have been from anyplace, Mardi Gras, carnival etc. which leaves the viewer able to place her, wherever they may imagine. An outstanding portrayal of the figure in oil”. 

FIRST PLACE : #29 Trish Beckham “Night Traffic”            “This piece compelled me immediately. The way that  it was composed  and the way the artist  approached the subject made me feel the wet street late at night. The street lights were handled in a way that reminded me of Van Gogh’s depiction of the lights in his “Night Cafe” painting”. 

SECOND PLACE : #11 Christopher Casler “Dayhawk-Homage to Hopper”            “A wonderful photograph that captured me as soon as I walked into the room. It reminds me very much of an Edward Hopper painting. The lighting on it makes it even more interesting. Your eye is constantly moving around to take in everything. It’s very well composed, that’s why I selected it”. 

THIRD PLACE : #109 Gwen Hughes “Maha Kumbh Mela”            “The subject matter is incredibly interesting and the composition has been really mastered here. The subject matter keeps pulling you back…who are these men, what are they doing, why are they so angry… it makes me use my imagination and that’s what art should do”. 

DISTINCTION : #73 Mindy Z. Colton “Shall We Dance”            “I’m enjoying the use of the natural vines that make up the mane and tail of the horse. I like the way the tree limbs are used for the legs and the way she places them and builds the body around them. It made me imagine this horse galloping down the road, again got my imagination working”.  

DISTINCTION : #94 George Stuart  “”Ed”            “This is a very very interesting composition. It tells multiple stories and each viewer can bring their own imagination to fill the story. The compositionand the story is what I found so interesting in this piece as well as the use of materials, which are controlled and skillful”. 

DISTINCTION : #101 Patrick L. Flannery  “Duck Soup”            “I am a huge Marx Brothers fan. The background, the playful use of the Campbell’s soup, the plastic ducks in the bowl…it’s just a wonderful use of imagination. It makes me smile.” 

DISTINCTION : #6 Nancy Munier. “Slow Moving”            “This is a wonderfully and skillfully photographed landscape. She has me shivering already, I can almost feel the temperature of the water. It’s a black and white composition, very well handled. It reminds me of Ansel Adams and I think that’s the best compliment you can have”.

ACHIEVEMENT : #36 Marta Crawford  “Moonrise” 

ACHIEVEMENT : #49 Diane M. Patterson “Stars & Stripes” 

ACHIEVEMENT : #52 Beverley Ulrich “Sky Dancer” 

ACHIEVEMENT : #53 Linda S. Hoffmeister  “Ghost Mountain” 

RECOGNITION : #25 Alicia Hahne Oestmann “The Invasion” 

RECOGNITION : #103 Tom Silvey “A Quiet Spot” 

RECOGNITION : #78 Katty Smith “Passion Is My Muse” 

RECOGNITION : #95 Marilyn Leverton “What’s the Problem” 

MERIT : #64 Jules Silver “Angels” 

MERIT: #86 Martha Moses “Untitled” 

MERIT : #81 Frank Ferrante “Hurricane Dorian” 

MERIT : #7 Bonnie Shapiro “Between Dreams”

HONORABLE MENTION : #83 Barbara Perrotti “Beached” 

HONORABLE MENTION : #123 Ronda Richley “For the trees” 

HONORABLE MENTION:  #116 Richlin Burnett-Ryan “Nina Blue” 

HONORABLE MENTION : #61 Gretchen Nass “Expression in Orange” 

JUDGES CHOICE : #117 Jeanne Figurelli “Beauty Behind Bars” 

JUDGES CHOICE : #33 Robert Brooks “Fools Rush In” 

JUDGES CHOICE : #119 Marianna H. Ross “Sleeping Earth” 

JUDGES CHOICE : #120 Beatrice Athanas “Farewell to Hamburg, Germany”

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